General Policies and Procedures

GA-1, Development of Written Orders
GA-3, Operations Manual Format
GB-1, Authority and Jurisdiction
GB-2, Command Responsibility
GB-3, Cross-Certification of Federal Peace Officers
GB-4, Budget Process
GB-5, Requesting Legal Opinions from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office
GB-6, Management Information
GB-7, Intergovernmental Agreements and Contracts
GC-1, Leaves and Absences
GC-2, Management of Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Badges and Identification Cards
GC-3, Seniority
GC-4, Employee Performance Appraisals
GC-5, Court Appearances
GC-6, Shift Assignments, Duty Hours, and Rotations
GC-7, Transfer of Personnel
GC-8, Compensation and the ADP System
GC-9, Personnel Information, Records, and Files
GC-11, Employee Probationary Periods
GC-12, Hiring and Promotional Procedures
GC-13, Awards
GC-15, Employee Resignations and Retirements
GC-16, Employee Grievance Procedures
GC-17, Employee Disciplinary Procedures
GC-18, Off-Duty Employment
GC-19, Dress and Appearance
GC-20, Uniform Specifications
GC-21, Drug, Medication, and Alcohol Testing
GC-22, Critical Incident Stress Management Program
GD-1, General Office Procedures
GD-4, Use of Tobacco Products
GD-5, Form Development and Control
GD-6, Standardized Memorandum Format
GD-7, Media Relations and Social Media
GD-8, Out-of-Agency Correspondence
GD-9, Litigation Initiation, Document Preservation, and Documentation Production Notices
GD-10, Off-Duty Incidents
GD-12, Collecting Safeguarding and Disbursing Cash
GD-13, Use of County-Owned Hardware and Software
GD-14, Access to Secured Office Buildings
GD-15, Emergency Evacuation Plans
GD-16, Modified Duty
GD-18, Commitment to the Americans With Disabilities Act
GD-19, Injury or Death of an Employee or Volunteer
GD-21, Business Travel and Travel Expenses
GD-23, Employee Access to the Internet-Intranet
GE-1, Supply Requisition, Procurement, and Inventory
GE-2, County Purchase Cards
GE-3, Property Management and Evidence Control
GE-4, Use, Assignment, and Operation of Vehicles
GE-5, Parking
GF-3, Criminal History Record Information and Public Records
GF-5, Incident Report Guidelines
GF-6, Managing For Results
GG-1, Peace Officer Training Administration
GG-2, Detention and Civilian Training Administration
GH-2, Internal Investigations
GH-3, Polygraph Procedures and Documents
GH-4, Bureau of Internal Oversight
GH-5, Early Identification System
GI-3, Employee Data and Emergency Service Telephone Listings
GI-5, Voiance Language Service
GI-7, Processing of Bias-Free Tips
GJ-1, Body Armor
GJ-2, Critical Incident Investigations
GJ-3, Search and Seizure
GJ-6, Criminal Investigations Organization and Administration
GJ-7, Criminal Investigations Operations
GJ-8, Tactical Support at Jails
GJ-9, Restraint and Transportation of Prisoners and Inmates
GJ-10, Transport of Inmate Property, Files, and Clothing
GJ-11, Serious Injury, Illness, or Death of a Prisoner or Inmate
GJ-12, Next of Kin Notifications
GJ-13, Escapes and Related Incidents
GJ-14, Victim's Bill of Rights
GJ-15, Warrant Confirmation and Self-Surrender Requests by a Citizen
GJ-16, Emergency Response
GJ-17, Chaplain Program for the Benefit of Office Personnel
GJ-18, Jail Tours
GJ-19, Emergency Medical Services Program
GJ-21, Court Building Security and Inspection
GJ-23, Firearms
GJ-24, Community Relations and Youth Programs
GJ-25, Canine Unit Operations
GJ-26, Sheriff's Reserve Deputy Program
GJ-27, Sheriff's Posse Program
GJ-28, Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)
GJ-29, Independent Testing Procedures for DUI and OUI Arrests
GJ-30, TASER Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW)
GJ-31, Pepperball Launcher
GJ-32, Honor Guard Unit
GJ-33, Significant Operations
GJ-34, Automated External Defibrillators
GJ-35, Body-Worn Cameras
GJ-36, Use of Digital Recording Devices (Non Body-Worn Cameras)
GJ-37, Transgender and Intersex Interactions
GJ-38, Naloxone (Narcan) Procedures
GM-1, Electronic Communications and Voice Mail