The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office of Public Information (PIO) unit is responsible for providing timely and accurate information to media organizations inquiring about crimes, accidents, rescue operations, and jail incidents as well as policies and other events affecting the operation of the Office.

This unit's mission is to effectively provide a link between the Sheriff’s Office and the community it serves. The PIO staff is on call 24/7 and, at Sheriff’s direction, seeks to be as responsive as possible to media inquiries, particularly about incidents which affect the citizens of Maricopa County.

In addition to press releases, the PIO unit arranges press conferences, inmate interviews, and media appearances by the Sheriff. They are also involved in awards programs, community outreach and other civic events.

To contact the PIO unit, email us at:

The following are press releases generated by the Sheriff’s Office and released to local media in chronological order:

Date Published Title
12/29/2016 23rd Holiday Mall Patrol Conclusion
12/28/2016 Melendres Filing
12/28/2016 Melendres Statement Re Opening
12/23/2016 Happy Holidays from Sheriff Arpaio
12/22/2016 St. Vincent De Paul toy drive
12/21/2016 Litchfield Park home invasion
12/11/2016 Identity and Fraud Arrest
12/8/2016 Aggravated Assault Suspect Flees from Deputies
12/1/2016 MCSO K9 Rommel
11/30/2016 Animal Abuse Investigation
11/15/2016 MCSO Mirko gets vest
11/14/2016 Check Presentation for the Family of Fallen Show Low Police Officer
11/2/2016 Missing in Arizona 2016
10/31/2016 Palo Verde Security Officer Arrested for Child Pornography
10/28/2016 Coffee with a Deputy
10/27/2016 911 Cyber Attack
10/27/2016 Melendres Statement
10/25/2016 Hit and Run Bulletin
10/24/2016 Mounted Posse mobilize at Salt River
10/21/2016 Hit and Run Bulletin
10/17/2016 Sheriff Joe Mobilizes Armed Posse
10/13/2016 Hispanic Heritage Month Ceremony
9/23/2016 Sun City woman arrested for cutting her Dog's legs with a knife
9/22/2016 Recent Law Enforcement Attacks on MCSO and Across the Nation
9/22/2016 Recent LE Attacks on MCSO & Across the Nation
9/22/2016 Detention Officer Arrested
9/22/2016 Undercover Meth Bust
9/21/2016 Recent Law Enforcement Attacks on MCSO and Across the Nation
9/20/2016 Guadalupe Homicide suspect surrenders
9/8/2016 Armed Robbery Queen Creek
9/8/2016 Armed Robbery Crime Bulletin
9/2/2016 National Anthem Ceremony at Tent City Jail
8/24/2016 13 Dogs Seized from Buckeye Residence for Mistreatment
8/17/2016 Pizza Delivery Man Arrested for Child Porn
8/16/2016 Deputy Involved Shooting
8/11/2016 4th Spanish Language Academy
8/9/2016 Sheriff Arpaio brings Rio Games to inmates
8/8/2016 Fountain Hills Theft
8/5/2016 Female Detention Officer Saves Inmate
8/4/2016 Sheriff's Detectives Make Street Bust
8/3/2016 Tent City Jail 23 Years & Counting
7/27/2016 Baby Born in Estrella Jail
7/25/2016 Bestiality Arrest
7/22/2016 MCSO K9 Mirko gets vest
7/14/2016 Spanish Language Citizens Academy Begins in August
7/8/2016 Suspect Arrested for Injecting Girls with Heroin in Exchange for Sex
7/1/2016 Man Receives 6 Month Jail Sentence for Stalking Sheriff Arpaio
6/30/2016 American flags to be worn by inmates
6/23/2016 Kick-off set for Camp Summer Stars
6/20/2016 Arpaio passing out Ice towels at Tents
6/17/2016 Sheriff Arpaio Keeps it Cool for Inmates
6/17/2016 Sheriff Arpaio arrests another animal abuser in Tonopah
6/16/2016 MCSO's Coffee with a Cop is Saturday
6/10/2016 Sheriff Arpaio orders American Flags placed on inmate uniforms
6/9/2016 Send Your Youngster to Sheriff Joe This Summer
6/6/2016 Animal Neglect in Tonopah
5/26/2016 1000 bee stings kill man
5/23/2016 Arpaio concerned with ambush on deputies
5/20/2016 Inmates sign up for Selective Service on Armed Forces Day
5/17/2016 K9 Protection Rollout
5/5/2016 10th Bestiality Arrest
5/2/2016 Sheriff Joe Arpaio Responds to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Reversal of Puente Lawsuit
4/27/2016 Ammo for Posse
4/27/2016 Meth Lab Search Warrant
4/27/2016 Sale of Seized Weapons Funding Armed Posse
4/25/2016 All MCSO k9s get vests
4/22/2016 Heroin Trafficking Fight Continues
4/19/2016 Massive Marijuana Enterprise Broken Up
4/13/2016 MCSO Cyber Crimes Arrest
4/11/2016 K9's Axa Yass and Marko get vests
4/8/2016 Quentin Tarantino's Father Meets Sheriff Joe Arpaio
4/6/2016 "Ruff" Times Ahead MASH Dogs
3/31/2016 Defendant Sentenced In Animal Sex Crimes Case
3/30/2016 Pug Case Arrest
3/22/2016 MCSo K9 Kato gets vest
3/22/2016 MCSO K9 nina gets vest
3/22/2016 K9s Chendo and Fredy get Vets
3/21/2016 Inmates to View Election Results
3/16/2016 Increase Armed Posse
3/14/2016 Sheriff Arpaio Talks About Armed Posse Recruitment
3/7/2016 Drug bust I8
3/3/2016 No drug bust too small
2/26/2016 Relay for Life
2/23/2016 K9s get vests
2/13/2016 Dead beat parents
2/12/2016 Black History Month
2/11/2016 Body Cameras
1/25/2016 Bark for life
1/25/2016 2016 DUIAC Grant
1/13/2016 Coffee with a cop
1/11/2016 2 hikers found Superstitions Mnt
1/7/2016 MCSO K9 gets vest
1/7/2016 MCSO K9's get vests
1/4/2016 Arpaio Call to gun owners/Posse
1/4/2016 Busy start for Sheriff's deputies 2016
Date Published Title
12/23/2015 Free Video Visits From Your House to the Jailhouse
12/17/2015 Sheriff's Stalker Arrested
12/16/2015 Sheriff Arpaio's Deputies and Detention Staff Help Needy With Christmas
12/11/2015 Sheriff Arpaio Responds to Presidential Hopeful O'Malley
12/8/2015 Sheriff Arpaio Calling on Police Chiefs to Take Action.
12/8/2015 Shop with the Sheriff
12/7/2015 UPDATE: Tonopah Puppy Mill - 29 Dogs go to APARN
12/4/2015 Pug Case Update
12/1/2015 Sheriff's K9s Hero and Zeus to Receive Body Armor
12/1/2015 Sheriff's K9s Chendo and Fredy to Receive Body Armor
12/1/2015 Sheriff's K9 Kato to Receive Body Armor
12/1/2015 Sheriff's K9 Nina to Receive Body Armor
12/1/2015 Sheriff's K9 Rakker to Receive Body Armor
11/30/2015 Sheriff Arpaio Launches Mall Patrol 2015
11/20/2015 Laveen shooting
11/20/2015 Wrong Way Driver
11/18/2015 Slap on Wrist for Canadian Man after 8th Threat on Arpaio's Life
11/12/2015 Sheriff's Deputies Seized 220lbs of Marijuana
11/10/2015 Vets walk in the jail
11/6/2015 Spanish Citizens Academy
11/2/2015 Deputies Arrest Grandfather for Leaving Granddaughter in Desert with Loaded Gun
10/30/2015 Sheriff Arpaio Warns of Scammers
10/26/2015 Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Man for Bestiality
10/26/2015 Bestiality Arrest
10/23/2015 TOUGH TENTS with J.D Hill
10/15/2015 Sheriff's Office Offers $6,000.00 Reward for information on Dotty Killer
10/9/2015 Armed Robbery Suspects Arrested
10/8/2015 Explorers and West-MEC kickoff
10/5/2015 Sheriff Arpaio Reports Man Killed And Injured Several Cows
10/5/2015 Dead Salt River Horse Was Investigated
9/13/2015 Sling Shot Copy Cats
9/11/2015 Puppy Mill Adoption at MASH
9/3/2015 Sheriff's Animal Crimes Detectives Arrest New River Man
9/2/2015 Sheriff's Posse Car Stabbed by Man Who 'Hates Police'
8/21/2015 Sheriff's Deputies Stop Possible School Shooting
8/18/2015 Renewed attention to crosses in the desert
8/15/2015 White Powder Hoax at MCSO
8/13/2015 Sheriff Detectives Arrest 75 Y.O. Child Porn Suspect
8/13/2015 Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Detention Officer for Assault on Inmate
8/4/2015 Queen Creek Hoax and Homicide Arrest
5/20/2015 Sheriff's Office HIDTA Task Force Shuts down Nail Salon Drug Ring
5/13/2015 Nearly 100 Animals Seized from Wittmann Puppy Mill
5/1/2015 Sheriff Arpaio Starts T.O.U.G.H. Tents for Youth.
4/29/2015 Drugs Continue to Flow, Despite Violence in the Area
4/29/2015 Sheriff to Sign Up Inmates for Organ Donor Program
4/28/2015 Violence in Desert Increases over Drugs
4/14/2015 PETA, Pamela Anderson to Push Jails/Prision in the US to Follow Sheriff's Arpaio's Vegi Jail Menu
4/1/2015 Over 500,000 Inmates Served in Tent City
3/30/2015 Spanish Language Citizens Academy
3/20/2015 March Threat
3/13/2015 Rio Verde Horse Shooting
3/12/2015 Sheriff Arpaio Ban's Jodi Arias from All Non-Legal Communications
3/10/2015 Visitors Have Been Banned From Visiting Jodi Arias.
3/9/2015 Nearly $50,000 Raised to Fight Cancer
3/5/2015 Sheriff Arpaio Denies Jodi Arias Interviews
2/23/2015 Relay for life
2/20/2015 Black History Month Ceremony
2/19/2015 Sheriff's Animal Crimes Unit Arrests Retired Police Officer
2/12/2015 Sheriff Calls for Full Day Kindergarten
2/6/2015 14 LBS. Of Heroin Taken Off The Streets by Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputies
2/5/2015 Man Arrested In California After Making Death Threat Against Sheriff Arpaio
1/29/2015 Sheriff to allow Super Bowl Party
1/27/2015 Sheriff's Deputies Sieze Half Million in Cash During Anti-Drug Campaign
1/26/2015 Sheriff Arpaio to hire 200 officers/deputies
1/23/2015 Sheriff Arpaio on NYC Time Square Billboard
1/15/2015 Drug Hotline Pays Off
1/14/2015 Coffee with a Deputy Sheriff
1/13/2015 Sheriff to Donate Money to Flagstaff Fallen Officers Family
1/12/2015 Sheriff's Arpaio says Simulcast on Heroin is Overdue
1/7/2015 Sheriff's Deputies Make Arrest in Bank Robbery