Community Outreach at Parade

Sheriff Paul Penzone and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (Office) are committed to ongoing and sustainable relationships with our community and local businesses. We aim to build relationships fostered in mutual respect that enhance public safety service. In order to facilitate these goals, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office established the Community Outreach Division (COrD.) COrD both facilitates and coordinates a variety of community outreach programs and events. These programs help maintain positive relations between the Office and the community it serves.

As part of its mission, the COrD Division currently oversees three Community Advisory Boards, including the Hispanic, African American, and LGBTQ Advisory Boards. The mission of each Board is to serve as a liaison between the Sheriff's Office and each community. The Board provides actionable recommendations that best advocate for procedural justice in law enforcement, diversity, and community relations.

The COrD is an out-going team which includes COrD Director James Collins, Ron Gomez, Officer Isidro Caro, Sergeant Laketta Gunn-Roman, Deputy Hector Martinez, and Office Specialist Sofia Murta. COrD members can be contacted at, (602) 876-1508, or by mail, or in person, at 550 W. Jackson St., Phoenix, AZ 85003.

The Community Outreach Division is a team dedicated to fostering relationships with our community partners. The COrD team would love to be at your next parade, event, meeting, or carnival. The team is available, upon request, seven days a week.

The overarching goals of COrD efforts include:
  • Strengthening relationships and building opportunities for open communication and dialogue between the Office and its communities.
  • Increasing participation of community members in addressing public safety issues in partnership with the Office.
  • Facilitating interactions between the Office and community members to address quality of life concerns.
  • Responding to community concerns in a respectful, straightforward, and timely manner.

You may provide compliments or concerns by calling (602) 876-5429.

Stay up to date on all our community activities on the Offical Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. Please know that the MCSO Facebook Page is a Limited Public Forum.

Advisory Boards

African American Advisory Team
Roy Tatum
Mel Hannah
Richard Crews
Rev. Warren Stewart Jr
Charlene Tarve
Pastor Reginald Walton
Kenja Hassan
Kim Covington
Michelle Gahee
Benjamin Taylor
Angela Booker
Hispanic Advisory Board
Amy Vasquez
Carlos Velasco
Diana Prieto Bernal
Ellie Perez
Gregory Torrez
Jose Arenas
Marcelino Quinonez
Norma Gutierrez-Gioia
Reyna Gutierrez-Deorta
Stephanie Vasquez
Yaritza Garcia
Yvonne Pastor
LBGTQ Advisory Board
Ellie Hutchison
Christopher Dickerson
Cody W. Telep
Natasha Mendoza
Victor Avila
Nate Rhoton
Tracy Nadzieja
Trey Jenkins
Glennis Donnelly
Dana Ennis
Wolfgang (Jesse) Nyland
Johnathan Sanchez