Through GTL, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office will be offering both Remote video visitation and Onsite video visitation services for incarcerated individuals. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office requires all visitors to have a GTL account to receive a Remote or schedule an Onsite visit.
Getting Started

In order to receive a Remote or schedule an Onsite visit, you must first have a validated GTL account. IMPORTANT:
  • You must sign up with a valid email address in order to confirm your account and receive updates about your visits.
  • For Professionals Only: Remote visitation for attorneys, case managers, medical officials or other professions whose video visits with an inmate should not be recorded and/or charged, must go to a MCSO Visitation Center, either 4th Avenue Jail or Lower Buckeye Jail, with your State Bar card and a government-issued ID to verify your status as an attorney visitor.
Ways to Visit*
All Remote video visits take place through GTL’s GettingOut video visitation service and cost $0.25 per minute. These visits are only charged for visit time you use.

Only your incarcerated loved one can initiate a video visit with you at any time with the on demand “Visit Now” feature. Friends and family cannot pre-schedule video visits from outside the facility by using “Visit Now” in our system – this type of visit can only be initiated by an inmate.

You can receive video visits from anywhere outside the jail with the GettingOut Visits mobile app for Android or iOS.
*Remote visits start March 1, 2020.
All Onsite video visits take place at Maricopa’s 4th Ave and Lower Buckeye Jails and cost $7.95 for a 20-minute visit. Inmates get one free 20-minute Onsite visit per week. The inmate can decide whether the free visit is Onsite or Remote.

Visitation at the facility takes place in the lobby using the video stations. Schedule Now. Review what you should know before you visit the facility by going to GTL’s FAQs page.
*Onsite visits start March 23, 2020.
Benefits of Remote Vs. Onsite Visits
You may visit an inmate as often as you choose while visiting remotely.An inmate is only allowed one (1) free personal onsite visit per week.
Remote visits allow you to have visits from the comfort of your home with your entire family visit at the same time.Onsite visits with an inmate are limited to no more than two (2) people at a time.
Remote visits allow you to visit every day, as often as you like, during the hours of 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.An inmate is only allowed one (1) free personal onsite visit per week between the hours of 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Inmates can start a visit with you at any time – no scheduling needed.Onsite visits must always be scheduled ahead of time.
You can visit from any GettingOut Visits-enabled device, like a cell phone or tablet.You must travel to the facility to have an Onsite visit.
Remote visits cost $0.25 per minute but you are only charged for the visit time you use.Onsite visits cost $7.95 and must be prepaid per 20-minute time slots.

Other GettingOut Services
Messaging and other features are also available via the tablets. To learn more about Remote visitation and other services, visit
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