Fourth Avenue Jail

201 S. 4th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Location: (Map it)
Phone: 602-876-0322
Inmate Capacity: Approx 2,064 beds 1152 Cells (288 specifically designated for highest security level inmates)
Classification of Inmates Housed: Max General Population, Medium General, Closed Custody, Sentenced Working Inmates Max/Med
Square Footage: 577, 883
Built In:2005

Unique Features:
  • Most secure facility in county jail system housing the highest security inmates inside a uniquely designed Special Management Unit.
  • The Basement Level is comprised of Inmate Programs, Chaplain, and Inmate Legal Services staff.
  • Medical has offices that consist of Dental, X-Ray, Pharmacy and Psychiatric staff.
  • The first floor is “Central Intake” where on average 263 persons are booked into jail per day.
  • The Central Intake Section is comprised of Initial Appearance (IA) Courts for County and Phoenix, Intake Control Room, Classification Section, Pre Trial Services, Intake Medical, Bonds and Fines, and Visitation.
  • Fourth Avenue Jail has one Main Medical Clinic on the Basement level and a Mini Medical Clinic on levels 2, 3, and 4.
  • Each housing pod has two classrooms, four video visitation booths, attorney room, a dayroom and recreation yard, limiting the amount of inmate movement required.
  • One of two on-site video visitation locations servicing all of the MCSO Jails.
  • Level 4 consists of three separate designs for increasing levels of security.

Estrella Jail

2939 W. Durango Road,
Phoenix, AZ 85009
Location: (Map it)
Phone: 602-876-0322

Inmate Capacity: Approx 1380
Classification of Inmate Housed: An all-female inmate facility therefore all classifications of un-sentenced Female inmates, minimum, medium, maximum, closed-custody, administrative segregation, nature of charges (NOC’s), disciplinary segregation. Estrella also houses the permanent no-work sentenced female inmate population as well as Sentenced inmates participating in the MOSAIC Program.
Square footage: 281,072
Year built: 1991

Unique features:
  • This jail is one of the few in Maricopa County which houses every classification of inmate.
  • The facility also houses a special program for chronic mental health/seriously mentally ill inmates which is overseen by professional staff from Correctional Health Services, a separate entity of county government but which works in tandem with jail personnel.
  • The jail is composed of four housing units and nine dormitories.

Lower Buckeye Jail

3250 W. Lower Buckeye Road,
Phoenix, AZ 85009
Location: (Map it)
Phone: 602-876-0322
Self-Surrender: East side of the building, follow the sign indicating parking for Self-Surrenders
Inmate Capacity: Approx 2382 total inmate capacity
Classification of Inmates Housed: All-male facility, housing Non-Sentenced Minimum and Medium General Population Inmates, Minimum, Medium and Maximum Administrative Restrictive Housing Inmates, Minimum, Medium and Maximum Nature of Charge (NOC) Inmates, All Classifications of Remanded Juvenile Inmates, Disciplinary Restrictive Housing Inmates
Square Footage: 670,237 square feet
Built in: 2005

Unique Features:
  • Largest detention facility in the State of Arizona
  • Two styles of inmate living areas - 1) Four Dormitories, direct supervision style housing units, each containing 102 beds and a recreation area. 2) Twelve Tower style observation units, each with 71 two man cells divided into two housing pods, each pod with its own recreation area.
  • The Lower Buckeye Jail facility complex includes a 60 Bed Medical Infirmary and a 210 Bed Mental Health Unit. Each houses all classifications of inmates. These two areas are managed by the Medical Services Division.
  • The jail has negative airflow rooms for control of infectious diseases, Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant rooms for disabled or physically challenged inmates, and four bed wards for general population housing.
  • An Intake, Booking and Release area averaging 7700 releases and 1100 Self-Surrender bookings each month
  • One of two on-site video visitation locations servicing all of the MCSO Jails
  • 800+ surveillance cameras, 2000+ doors/locks and 11 elevators

Towers Jail

3127 West Gibson Lane,
Phoenix, AZ 85009
Location: (Map it)
Phone: 602-876-0322

Inmate Capacity: Approx 1080 beds
Classification of Inmates Housed: Towers Jail houses all male inmates classified as medium and minimum security. The facility is unique as it houses both sentenced and non-sentenced inmates. The category of inmate housing is general population, disciplinary housing, Durango Jail-permanent no- work inmates, Durango Jail- medical no work and Durango Jail- medical working inmates
Square Footage: approximately 90,000
Built In: 1982

Unique Features:
  • Comprised of six separate housing units. Each housing unit has four pods and each pod houses up to 45 inmates.
  • Towers Jail provides separate housing for veteran inmates.