Detention Policies and Procedures

DA-1, Emergency Procedures for Jail Facilities
DA-2, Inspection and Testing of Emergency Equipment
DA-4, Jail Maintenance
DA-5, Inmate Suicide Prevention
DB-1, Inmate Custody Records and Files
DB-2, Operations Journal and Logbooks
DB-3, Security Surveillance Systems
DC-1, Inmate Canteen
DC-2, Accountability of Monies & Negotiable Instruments
DC-3, Facility Safes
DC-4, Inmate Fund Accounts
DD-1, Authorized Inmate Possessions
DD-2, Inmate Property Control
DE-2, Bond Surrrenders
DE-3, Surety Bonds
DF-1, Inmate Classification
DF-2, Inmate Classification Files
DG-1, Menu Planning, Purchasing, and Food Storage
DG-2, Inmate Meal Distribution and Accountability
DG-3, Food Services Section Safety and Sanitation
DG-4, Kitchen Security and Knife-Utensil Control
DG-7, Modified Diets
DH-4, Tool Control
DH-5, Key Control
DH-6, Inmate Supervision, Security Walks, and Headcounts
DH-7, Intrafacility Inmate Movement
DH-8, Emergency Response Team (ERT)
DH-9, Special Response Team (SRT)
DI-1, Inmate Housing Categories
DI-2, Administrative Restrictive Housing
DI-3, Restrictive Housing Operation
DI-4, Special Management Review Committee
DI-5, Pro Per Inmates
DI-6, Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Inmates
DJ-1, Rules and Regulations for Inmates
DJ-2 Inmate Disciplinary Procedure
DJ-3, Inmate Grievance Procedure
DJ-4, Pod Restrictions and Pod Security Overrides
DJ-5, Request to Photograph an Inmate
DJ-6, Inmate UA Testing
DJ-7, Service of Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment on an Inmate
DJ-8, Alternative Meal Disciplinary Sanction (Nutra-Loaf)
DK-1, Inmate Mail
DK-2, Inmate Telephone System
DK-3, Inmate Visitation
DK-4, Inmate Communications
DL-1, Inmate Laundry
DL-2, Jail Inspections
DL-3, Inmate Hygiene
DM-1, Inmate Work Program
DM-2, Computation of Projected Release Dates
DN-1, Inmate Leaves Into The Community
DN-2, Work Furlough
DN-3, Work Release
DN-6, Inactive Releases to Out-of-County Law Enforcement Agencies
DO-1, Intake Process
DO-2, Release Process
DO-3, Identification Process
DO-5, Summons Bookings
DO-6, Custody DNA Collection
DO-7, Processing Confinement Orders and Accepting Self- Surrenders
DP-1, Inmate Programs
DP-3, Inmate Library Services
DP-4, Inmate Marriage Ceremonies
DP-5, Non-Employee Personnel in Inmate Programs
DP-6, Inmate Legal Services
DQ-1, Inmate Healthcare Services
DQ-2, Medical Isolation and Psychiatric Housing
DQ-3, Involuntary Psychotropic Medications
DS-1, Safe Cell Placement
DS-2, Safe Bed Intervention