• Both buildings have their own address. Building A comprises ITR and 512 facility. Building B is the 1600 bed facility.
  • Intake Transfer and Release (ITR) is located at 2670 South 28th Drive Phoenix, AZ 85009.
  • Building B (1600 bed facility) is located at 2680 S. 28th Drive Phoenix, AZ 85009.
  • Approximately 190k square feet, whole ITR complex including other facilities is total of 500k square feet.
  • Approved by Board of Supervisors in 2015.
  • Cost is approximately 185 million dollars.
  • Opening date is to be determined.
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Intake Transfer and Release

In 2015, the Board of Supervisors in Maricopa County approved a plan for a new Intake Transfer and Release (ITR) facility. Construction on the new project commenced in 2017 and should be completed in the fall of 2019. In April of 2020, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office will be opening the new ITR.

The facility will replace the current Central Intake at the 4th Avenue Jail. The ITR design will allow for a more efficient intake and booking process. The design will help reduce booking times for the arrestees coming in as well as allow the arresting agencies less time at intake and more time on the streets. Multiple county entities will have space inside the ITR including Pre-Trial Services, Adult Probation, M.C.S.O. staff, Phoenix Courts, and Correctional Health Services to name a few.

While in the intake and booking process, arrestees will remain in the open seating area and be able to track their place in the process due to the large television screens throughout the area. Arrestees will be able to know what steps they have left in the process and will be directed on where and when to move during the process. The goal is to significantly reduce wait times for the arrestees and the arresting agencies.

Being that the ITR will be located closer to the surrounding facilities, transportation times and cost should be reduced. With the many services that will be found at the ITR, the average stay for an inmate should significantly decrease. The ITR will be home to four completely functional courtrooms but also a short term 512 bed facility. Inmates will have access to any medical or mental health needs and county staff can better treat these individuals all while connecting them to any community resources they may need.


The ITR is an enormous project with many moving parts. In the end, it will make the intake process much more efficient and cut down on the time arrestees are waiting in the process or in a holding tank. Due to the ITR complex, transportation costs will remain low as there should be less transferring of inmates to downtown Phoenix. The ITR will make the intake and booking process more streamlined and create a positive, safe environment for anyone coming into the ITR.