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Keep Your Children Safe
  • Teach your children about STRANGER DANGER. Never talk to strangers and never accept candy, money or gifts from a stranger.
  • Tell your children about ploys that strangers will use to get them into their vehicles, such as asking them to help them look for a lost pet.
  • Teach them the BUDDY SYSTEM. Don't play outside or ride bikes alone.
  • Teach them the BOUNDARIES. Establish where they are going to play and re-affirm never to play in the street.
  • Teach them TIME AND LOCATION NOTIFICATION. Establish where they are going and a time when they will be home. If they change locations they must call home before they do so.
  • Teach them never to play with or touch any guns. If they find one call an adult, don't touch it!
  • Teach them that if they are ever home alone not to open the door to strangers.
  • Teach them that if they feel threatened by a stranger to run away as fast as they can.
  • Communicate with your children and let them know who can pick them up from school or other places other than you.