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Safety Tips For You!
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It has been said about self defense training that fully half of what we learn is preventive, and we practice it in hopes of never having to use the other half.
--Joan Nelson

All activities (driving a car, filling the bathtub, walking through the parking lot at night) entail some risk. We all have different attitudes toward risk. At one end of the scale is refusing to engage in an activity by exaggerating the risk involved. At the other end is engaging in very risky activities while refusing to take any precautions. Neither of these attitudes are useful for living an empowered life. What is useful is to accurately assess the risks involved, take whatever precautions make sense, and live as fully as possible.


We would like to hear your comments on which of these guidelines you follow and whether they make sense in your cultural/gender context. Following these guidelines will not guarantee your safety, but will minimize your availability to an assailant.