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Date PublishedTitle
8/24/201613 Dogs Seized from Buckeye Residence for Mistreatment
8/17/2016Pizza Delivery Man Arrested for Child Porn
8/16/2016Deputy Involved Shooting
8/11/20164th Spanish Language Academy
8/9/2016Sheriff Arpaio brings Rio Games to inmates
8/8/2016Fountain Hills Theft
8/5/2016Female Detention Officer Saves Inmate
8/4/2016Sheriff's Detectives Make Street Bust
8/3/2016Tent City Jail 23 Years & Counting
7/27/2016Baby Born in Estrella Jail
7/25/2016Bestiality Arrest
7/22/2016MCSO K9 Mirko gets vest
7/14/2016Spanish Language Citizens Academy Begins in August
7/8/2016Suspect Arrested for Injecting Girls with Heroin in Exchange for Sex
7/1/2016Man Receives 6 Month Jail Sentence for Stalking Sheriff Arpaio
6/30/2016American flags to be worn by inmates
6/23/2016Kick-off set for Camp Summer Stars
6/20/2016Arpaio passing out Ice towels at Tents
6/17/2016Sheriff Arpaio arrests another animal abuser in Tonopah
6/17/2016Sheriff Arpaio Keeps it Cool for Inmates
6/16/2016MCSO's Coffee with a Cop is Saturday
6/10/2016Sheriff Arpaio orders American Flags placed on inmate uniforms
6/9/2016Send Your Youngster to Sheriff Joe This Summer
6/6/2016Animal Neglect in Tonopah
5/26/20161000 bee stings kill man
5/23/2016Arpaio concerned with ambush on deputies
5/20/2016Inmates sign up for Selective Service on Armed Forces Day
5/17/2016K9 Protection Rollout
5/5/201610th Bestiality Arrest
5/2/2016Sheriff Joe Arpaio Responds to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Reversal of Puente Lawsuit
4/27/2016Sale of Seized Weapons Funding Armed Posse
4/27/2016Meth Lab Search Warrant
4/27/2016Ammo for Posse
4/25/2016All MCSO k9s get vests
4/22/2016Heroin Trafficking Fight Continues
4/19/2016Massive Marijuana Enterprise Broken Up
4/13/2016MCSO Cyber Crimes Arrest
4/11/2016K9's Axa Yass and Marko get vests
4/8/2016Quentin Tarantino's Father Meets Sheriff Joe Arpaio
4/6/2016"Ruff" Times Ahead MASH Dogs
3/31/2016Defendant Sentenced In Animal Sex Crimes Case
3/30/2016Pug Case Arrest
3/22/2016K9s Chendo and Fredy get Vets
3/22/2016MCSO K9 nina gets vest
3/22/2016MCSo K9 Kato gets vest
3/21/2016Inmates to View Election Results
3/16/2016Increase Armed Posse
3/14/2016Sheriff Arpaio Talks About Armed Posse Recruitment
3/7/2016Drug bust I8
3/3/2016No drug bust too small
2/26/2016Relay for Life
2/23/2016K9s get vests
2/13/2016Dead beat parents
2/12/2016Black History Month
2/11/2016Body Cameras
1/25/20162016 DUIAC Grant
1/25/2016Bark for life
1/13/2016Coffee with a cop
1/11/20162 hikers found Superstitions Mnt
1/7/2016MCSO K9's get vests
1/7/2016MCSO K9 gets vest
1/4/2016Busy start for Sheriff's deputies 2016
1/4/2016Arpaio Call to gun owners/Posse