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Welcome to Mickey's Page

You are watching “Mickey”. Currently serving a life sentence at Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Jail for abused and neglected animals.

Mickey, a three year old male pit bull, was nearly euthanized after he attacked and severely injured a four year old Phoenix boy who wandered into the dog’s yard in February 2014 and tried to take a bone away from the pit bull. Mickey bit the child’s face, an injury that has resulted in the need for several surgeries to repair the damage.

As a result, a vicious dog action was brought against Mickey asking for him to be euthanized. Phoenix attorney John Schill stepped forward and mounted a vigorous defense fighting Mickey’s case both in Maricopa County Superior Court and the Phoenix City Court.

After months of legal battles and an outcry from 75,000 people on social media sites asking Mickey’s life to be spared, a Phoenix judge ruled that Mickey is indeed vicious but his life could be saved if an appropriate sanctuary could be found. The story went viral causing nearly 50,000 people to petition an Arizona judge to find a way to spare Mickey’s life.

That’s when Sheriff Joe Arpaio stepped into the fray. He went to court on behalf of the dog and offered the judge a way to save Mickey ....the Sheriff’s Office would give Mickey a ‘life sentence’ inside Arpaio’s MASH jail (Maricopa County Sheriff’s Animal Safe House). The pit bull would be offered no parole, and no probation in exchange for taking the death sentence off the table.

To learn about adopting animals or to donate, please click here to visit our MASH unit page or call (602) 876-1212.

Like you and I, Mickey needs a peaceful night’s sleep... so lights are dimmed at 6PM