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3127 W. Gibson Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85009

602-876-INFO (4636)

Towers Jail
Towers Jail

The Towers Jail was built in 1982, designed as a 360-cell facility with six tower units. There are four pods in each tower, and each pod contains housing areas with general-purpose day rooms, and bathroom/shower areas. The jail also contains a fully staffed and equipped medical clinic, a non-denominational chapel for religious services, and classrooms for educational, drug rehabilitation, and life-skills programs. Additionally, there are three outside areas for recreation.

The Towers Jail facility has a capacity of 1,080 inmates. Towers Jail currently houses a variety of classifications to include pre-trial medium classification inmates, Chain Gang inmates, fully sentenced inmates (inmates removed from the Tents Jail for discipline reasons and inmates who are not able to serve their sentences in the Tents Jail for medical reasons) and veteran inmates.

A new jail unit was introduced in late 2013, a special housing specifically for inmates who served in the Military. Sheriff Joe Arpaio hopes segregating the veterans will help keep them on the right track. Housing veterans in a common area will allow them to support one another and make it easier to provide counseling, job training and other services from the county and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The Cell blocks in the veterans’ unit are painted red, white, and blue. Flags from all branches of the military hang from the ceiling, and military themes adorn the walls.

Towers Jail  Towers Jail

Towers Visitation Area

Please see the "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) pages for more information about visitation hours/rules, regulation and rules about inmate mail, and other questions related to the Towers Jail.