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Special Response Team

In August 2001, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio created and implemented the Special Response Team. This Unit was trained and equipped with specialized tactical equipment to reinforce the safety and security of the Maricopa County jail system for officers, inmates, and civilian staff.

SRT officers are trained to utilize several types of firearms and less lethal diversion, impact, chemical, and electronic control devices. This includes Remington Model 870 12 gauge shotguns, 37mm launchers, Pepperball and FN303 launchers and X-26 Tasers. Some of the munitions used include flashbangs, bore thunder, smoke and CS grenades and hydro-kinetics.

The primary function of SRT is searching for administrative and criminal contraband. The Special Response Team addresses many different concerns dealing with officer safety and the safety of sentenced and unsentenced inmates. SRT is also utilized to suppress inmate disturbances, perform cell extractions and forced moves, assist in the administration of medications, and provide security for high profile inmates attending court or outside medial appointments.

By specializing in searching and tactical response within the jail environment, SRT provides an enhancement to the operation of each jail facility. SRT provides on-call, 24-hour coverage and is prepared to assist with any type of jail emergency. The professional men and women of SRT work hand in hand with Jail Intelligence and the Commanders, supervisors, and line staff to help maintain a safe and secure work environment.

An internal Briefing Board is posted when SRT has positions available. To join SRT you must be 21 years old and have a minimum of 2 years custody or similar related field experience and have met minimum performance standards on your last 2 Employee Performance Appraisals. The SRT assessment includes a physical evaluation, written exam, and oral board interview.