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Sheriff's Information Management Services (SIMS) Division

SIMS Division staff converts information from legal source documents and enters the information into the Jail Management Computer System (JMS). This starts with the initial booking into jail and continues until the defendant is released from custody of the Sheriff's Office. During 2010 SIMS processed approximately 500,000 court documents.

SIMS is responsible for the continuous updating in the JMS for each defendant’s judicial data throughout the entire period of incarceration and for the dissemination of that information to the public and federal, state, and local criminal justice agencies. The JMS provides current and timely responses to inquiries. SIMS handles telephone calls concerning informational inquiries on defendants. Even though the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone system is available, SIMS also maintains a staff of telephone operators to respond to callers.

SIMS also processes defendant transfers and transportation instructions within the JMS for court appearances and the Arizona Department of Corrections. During 2010 there were 140,000 defendants scheduled for the Superior Courts, the Justice Courts, and city courts.

SIMS handles thousands of transactions and processing of inmate money deposits, money and property releases, and the collection of millions of dollars in bonds and fines. During 2010 SIMS processed 19,381 bonds and fines and 19,275 inmate money deposits.