Sheriff Penzone invites Maricopa County Middle and High Schools, along with other concerned parents, to participate in a new and innovative 20-hour field trip. TOUGH Tents is an anti-drug, anti-crime program aimed at showing kids the realities of jail life before they find out the hard way. In a fully-simulated tent jail, specifically designed for adolescents, the students will experience 20 hours in the life of a drug-using criminal incarcerated for related crimes. The students will be treated as sentenced inmates. They will follow the rigorous jail routine and regulations, wear inmate clothing, work as inmate laborers, eat jail food, and sleep in TOUGH Tents. A shocking, educational program of intensive and explicit substance abuse information designed to raise a student’s awareness of the devastation caused by the use of mood-altering chemicals will be presented. Students will also be exposed to the horrors of jail. The Sheriff’s aim is to stop crime and drug and alcohol use before it starts!