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Jail Crimes Unit

The Jail Crimes Unit is assigned within the General Investigations Division. It is staffed with one Lieutenant, one Sergeant and seven Detectives. Staffing is accomplished by assigning shifts which provide 20+ hours of detective coverage for the jail system. This eliminates the necessity for overtime and callouts from home.

The Jail Crimes Unit is tasked with investigating all types of incidents within the Maricopa County Jail system. The incidents are mostly criminal in nature; however, some incidents are non-criminal. Most often, the types of incidents investigated are inmate deaths, assaults on inmates and detention staff, sex crimes, frauds, and threats on inmates and detention staff. The unit responds to all requests for assistance in any investigation when contacted by Detention personnel.

In addition, Jail Crimes detectives investigate incidents within the Maricopa County Superior Court system such as assaults, and other incidents. The unit also investigates crimes which may occur within any Maricopa County facility, such as the Maricopa County Hospital.

As part of the Investigations Division, Jail Crimes detectives also assist other units within that division with manpower needs. This includes Homicide and Special Victims Unit. Typical tasks may include completing interviews and target surveillance. The Jail Crimes Unit also provides assistance to the Central Detectives Division when additional resources are required.